As we all think about politics and the MANY huge catastrophes that have come upon us this year, we are all asking ourselves, “How do we act? How do we behave? How do we and should we move forward?”

We have been in shock. The Covid-19 pandemic came at us from out of the blue. We were shut down, locked up, and told to stay home. I do not describe this situation with derision as I certainly believe that it was the correct, wise choice for us to stay home given the huge uncertainty.

Do we walk directly into a forest fire when it rages or do we stay home? Of course! We stay home and let the fire fighters fight it for us. Covid-19 has been no different. Regardless, we were shut down and kept home. However, new problems were created as unemployment soared and our social fabric was altered.

Then we witnessed a cold-blooded murder by kneeing. That was easy to condemn as evil of any kind is unacceptable and thankfully the officers were charged and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We were in shock and we all voiced our outrage as murder and clear police brutality is NEVER acceptable.

But our collective mouths opened back up and we have been muted while glued to the televisions when destruction and anarchy resulted and continues.

I have been asking myself and others: why did the subsequent violent destruction and anarchy (which continues) mute me?

I have pondered that because I, generally speaking, am not the silent type. Of course, it is not that I support destruction or anarchy in any form or fashion but I think it was that I was so shocked that I was caught off guard.

Perhaps it is something akin to being a “deer caught in the headlights”. Nonetheless, despite screaming at the tv and at my family and friends, I have been publicly mute. Wordless.

I also have learned that there is wisdom in silence, to never speak in anger, but to only speak gently, calmly and with compassion and love. (And so much that I have seen has angered me.)

Now we see #BLM and M4BL. This has also caught me off guard as well as while I lovingly support all black people who lives matter, I have problems with so much that #BLM and M4BL stand for. Specifically, I object to #BLM’s and M4BL’s support for destruction of all kinds, including, for example, abortions, socialism, and defunding the police.

The problem, however, with a Christian or anyone in our society being silent is that if we are silent, others create narratives and put words in our mouths that we have never uttered.

Public silence also allows further destruction of our society and permits continued looting, pillaging, destruction of businesses, monuments and our history. What good does it do for me to sit in the enclosed safety of my home yelling at the tv? Does the television care that the demonstrators and anarchists have no respect for others’ businesses, lives or that anger and rage never justifies more wrong-doing?

For my entire life I have led a quiet, private life, focused on my family, my career, my home and my church. I understand the temptation to be silent and, as I have written above, I have been muted during the past few weeks. It is tempting to be silent, to focus on family alone, attend our churches, synagogues or mosques and to do private works of charity. After all, what can we say? And it sure is tough to talk when our mouths have been dropped open. We have no words.

But can we stay home and be silent? NO! We must form words. For such a time as this, more so than at any other time of our lives, we must form words. We must engage politically and culturally. Why? God’s Word calls us to be faithful to Him, to his Word and to our culture. Specifically, he calls us to be the light of the world and to point to Him. God is the source of all human dignity and everything that is right and good. He actually describes this situation very clearly for us in His Word and makes it simple for us.

Every single crisis we have faced this year is nothing more than a battle between Good and Evil. We know clearly that satan’s purpose always is to seek, kill and destroy. He divides, creates fury, anger and is the author of ALL death and destruction. The devil wants nothing more than for us to be completely separated from God and Love.

What do we do in response?

We do not sit idly on our couches, do we? No. We do not. To ignore our moral obligations would be to abandon all those who are vulnerable to the left’s dangerous program of cultural destruction, of dehumanization, of economic destruction, and of suppression of liberty.

What do we do?

We see our legal, political, and moral obligation to advance a compassionate, socially necessary and indisputably God-based agenda. We speak. But we speak civilly, lovingly, and with integrity, respect for all others, and we work together to advance God’s kingdom and the United States of America.

We have endless patience. We are never irritated, we are unoffendable, we do not argue, we do not hate and we do not name call. We collect ourselves and behave civilly, meeting fury and destruction with calmness and love. We reason. We pray.

Let’s make America great again…….but to do so, we must turn off the mute button and speak in love, the greatest of all things.

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