How to FAIL at Homeschool … and 7 tips to Succeed Instead!

How to FAIL at Homeschool … and 7 tips to Succeed Instead!

One of the facts about me is that I homeschooled our son, Jacob, all the way through from preschool through high school.  As such, I have strong beliefs about this current HOMESCHOOLING CRISIS.

Another fact is that I never intended to homeschool Jacob.  My husband and I both were products of the public-school system and that was our original intent.  However, our son was bullied in preschool for a full year.  When the bullying started again in his 4-year-old-class, he flat refused to go to school  —  thus homeschooling began.

With that background, I offer you these 7 tips to succeed:

(1) Realize that homeschooling is HARD.  The fact that you feel frustrated is normal.  The fact that your child feels frustrated is normal.  

(2) Realize that this is a CRISIS situation and everyone is on edge. 

(3) Realize that you are doing your best.  You are doing a great job and so are your kids.  Tip:  Pat yourselves on the back every day!!!

(4) KNOW that it is a LIE that your neighbors and friends are doing a better job than you.  Do NOT compare yourselves with others.  Remember that you are doing your best and you ARE doing a great job.

(5) KNOW that you are the very BEST teacher your child could ever have for such a time as this.   Who knows your child better than you?  No one.

(6) KNOW that this is a great opportunity for your family to grow closer and make that your goal.  Plan on working on interpersonal skills and how to best resolve temper tantrums that are universal.  (Go back to number 4 if you believe the LIE that no one else is yelling and screaming.)

(7) When frustrated, STOP, REST, RELAX, or do something FUN.  Figure out the maximum amount of schooling you can do without a melt down and stop there.  School is not that important.  What’s most important is that you all take care of your health and love one another.  School can wait.

Repeat all these things over and over.  This is HARD, a CRISIS, you are doing GREAT, no one is doing better than you, you are the BEST, this is a great opportunity, and your health is MOST important.

Good luck and may God bless your homeschooling.