Issue Analysis:  Covid19 and Freedom

Issue Analysis: Covid19 and Freedom

Americans must be very cautious to preserve our liberties in the wake of Covid19.  Brevard County should lead the nation in standing up for freedom and declare:


We MUST open up our local economy.

Businesses MUST be allowed to open and create their own policies to comply with physical distancing as they deem fit.

The general public MUST be allowed the freedom to evaluate the marketplace and decide what risks they are willing to take themselves.


Tracking technology systems by our tech giants, Google and Apple, will be able to track everyone through the use of their phones.  Banjo is under contract in Utah to use traffic cameras for mass surveillance.

Tracking must NEVER become mandatory

Tracking must NEVER be punitive.

Tracking must ALWAYS be voluntary.

Tracking must ALWAYS be auditable.

We must ALWAYS preserve an exit plan for anyone to exit the tracking systems if they decide they want to exit.


Osceola County and other local governments have established fines and potential jail for not wearing masks.  While Osceola County and other non-freedom-loving communities are free to impose fines and jail time, Brevard County MUST never follow their draconian examples.


While the numerous vaccine research and development programs Big Pharma pursues are necessary and laudable, I realize that no one can ever guarantee the effectiveness of ANY vaccination.

Vaccinations, like anything else in the United States of America, must remain our choice and MUST NOT become mandatory requirements for the entire population.School children whose parents choose not to vaccinate MUST have the option of declining vaccination and preserve their freedoms.


There is no pandemic exemption to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.   

I value my freedom, I respect and honor all those who have gone before me fighting to obtain & protect our rights, and I will stand strong in the fight to preserve them.