More Fake News from our ‘Mis’Representative

More Fake News from our ‘Mis’Representative

A Response to Incumbent Randy Fine’s Most Recent Falsehoods

The incumbent continually tries to mislead and distract the public instead of addressing issues important to our district. Last weekend, he made outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations against my campaign consultant Robert Burns — an Army Veteran who honorably served our country, and even retired from wounds received in combat.

Let me be clear — these claims are categorically false

Robert Burns is not a felon in any state — let alone four states. I pay his firm a fee for services rendered, the same as any other candidate would, including my opponent. Robert Burns is a registered Republican who has voted in every election since honorably retiring from the Army in 2017. 

The incumbent is dishonestly making these claims to distract from his own record. I would love to address him, along with the public, on his own record for District 53. Unfortunately, he has declined every single upcoming interview, forum, and debate scheduled by independent third parties. 

On Tuesday, June 30th, I participated in Palm Bay Live, the same forum in which the incumbent agreed to participate last week, but apparently backed out of his interview at the last minute. I invited the incumbent him to join me during my June 30th interview but he declined. However, because I value transparency and democracy, I was willing to share my own time so voters have an opportunity to simultaneously hear from both candidates and ask questions. You deserve answers.

On July 3, I will also be attending the 2020 Republican Space Coast Hob Nob, an event in which he has, sadly, declined to participate. On the contrary, I am willing to make myself accessible and would be happy to address in detail any questions you may have.

Those of you who are following my campaign know why I am running for House District 53 — I was appalled by the duplicitous manner in which the incumbent handled CS/HB 7087 in February 2020. (You can read details on my website, and view a video of him lying directly to Representative Hogan Johnson at the House Education meeting on February 12, 2020. For proof that FSU was not informed, see the linked Tallahassee Democrat article.) 

Since early May, Randy Fine has flooded social media with complete falsehoods of “Mother’s Day harassment” and “anti-Semitism,” all of which were addressed in my May 12, 2020 press release. Despite my explicit rebuttals and the repeated facts citing no evidence for his libelous statements, he continues. Similarly, he twisted the City of Melbourne’s handling and decision making with respect to the fireworks, calling them “unpatriotic.”  

Simply put, this is fake news. The incumbent repeatedly makes bombastic, outrageous statements without any proof. Is this the kind of representation the people of District 53 want?

I will now address Mr. Fine’s most recent falsehoods — stated on his campaign page on June 28, 2020 — specifically: (1) Robert Burns is a four-state felon and; (2) my campaign has a PAC that has not filed reports (asserting late filings are a crime, and I owe more than $10,000).

Most serious is the 100% false four-state felon accusation. 

Attached is a letter from a law firm I have hired to investigate this charge. Attorney Brian Savy and his legal staff have reviewed all criminal records in all 50 states and can confirm that Mr. Burns is NOT a four-state felon, nor does he have a single felony conviction anywhere.

With respect to the late filing of reports — yes. Mr. Burns was late in filing reports for his own PAC. I do not have a PAC. However, (1) failing to file a report on time is not a crime; (2) Mr. Burns’ PAC — Friends of Florida — does not “support my campaign;” (3) my campaign has filed every report on time; (4) my campaign has no fines; and (5) if Mr. Burns has fines for his PAC, they will be at most 25% of the $10,000 he raised or $2,500.

In fact, the incumbent most certainly understands all these things although he mislead the public with his statements, because he has a long history of the exact same violations and fines over the years in his own pac.

Even though the last falsehood about reporting is minutiae, it goes to show Mr. Fine’s campaign strategy — smear, smear, and smear some more.  

Like everything else the incumbent asserts, his claim that I have paid “almost all my campaign funds to Robert Burns” is 100% false. Since I began my campaign on March 24, 2020 until the end of June, 2020, I have paid his company, The Relentless Group, a total of $12,903.23 for social media and website development services. For that time period, my campaign has raised a total of $37,440.99, which is 34% of funds raised. 

I have gone to great lengths to create a website ( and make myself available — in person, on the telephone, or online for any and all questions. On the other hand, the incumbent refuses to address the issues and has NOT created a website where constituents can contact him.  

It also should be noted that he has not registered for the Republican Hob Nob which will be held on Friday, July 3. Instead, according to his Facebook, he is not attending this event out of fear of Covid while at the same time pushing for his own personal fireworks event with 20k people.

If this wasn’t enough, I just learned while writing this that last night Mr. Fine has reached a new low. In a Facebook post he used the tragic illness of some of my friends who volunteer with me that caught Covid-19. Some of which have been hospitalized. Without any evidence whatsoever, he falsely claimed that my friends were out door knocking, and handing out materials while sick. This is not even remotely true. My volunteers work from home by making phone calls to voters. It isn’t uncommon to see him be hypocritical, but using his own constituents misfortune goes beyond disappointing. It is appalling.

The only way we defeat this virus is by individuals taking personal responsibility. Government dictates will not solve…

Posted by State Representative Randy Fine on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Let’s look at the obvious facts — Mr. Fine: (1) lies repeatedly; (2) refuses to answer any questions publicly; (3) deletes all social media dissent; (4) deletes all queries for evidence for his mudslinging; and (5) blocks all who disagree with him.

The focus of this campaign should be how each candidate addresses the issues facing the constituents of House District 53. 

I invite you to see where I stand on the issues because it’s simple — politicians are to serve and not be served. 

I’m Marcie Adkins. See why I’m better for Brevard. 

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  • Glenn T

    By Glenn T


    I can’t believe I got a flyer today in the mail misrepresenting Marcie Adkins as a “Socialist-Democrat supporter”! My vote for Randy Fine has been changed and I’m glad I didn’t submit a mail-in ballot! I can’t believe someone would go to this extreme of false accusations, just to bias the people of Brevard into voting for him. If he does this on the campaign trail, what is he advocating in the FL House–a conservative voice, or something else?

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