Amidst the outrage that is everything in the United States today, I posted on my campaign page Saturday that I stand with our President and Barr.  That is true, I do.  

However, there is MORE which I do not think they are hearing, voices of those I love that I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t hear at first because of my shock and outrage.

Yes.  We all universally condemn George Floyd’s murder. Yes.  We all universally expect our LEOs to protect and serve us and demand that they do. Yes.  The violence and destruction IS pure evil heaped upon evil and must stop. Yes.  The violence does come from organized groups.

However:  there IS more.

There IS the truth of wrongfully incarcerated young black men.  There IS the truth of systemic poverty and crime arising from desperation. There IS systemic, long-standing racism.  There is a component of these protests born from these facts.

Yesterday, I spoke directly to one of the voices that I know and love from the boxing gym.  He is a prosperous, good, righteous Christian black man that I have worked with in the past.  However, he was wrongfully accused of a crime long ago and served a lot of time for it.  He has ALWAYS amazed me that he could be strong enough to forgive and move past the wrongs and thrive.

We didn’t speak of his story yesterday — we only spoke of how he is feeling right now and our lives.  But he is the kind of man we must look to in the future to help us re-build our society.  He is the leader of tomorrow and has been a strong leader of today for our youth for many years.

So, I apologize to this man and the many others that I have known by long-standing, intimate, boxing relationships.  You the silent, quiet, Godly, protesting but completely non-violent ones and are the voices we need to hear.  YOU will be the leaders of our future.  We need you to help hear your stories and understand them and establish our vision for the future, help us define the end-game, how to build up, not tear down.

Let us all be quiet enough to get to know them and hear them.  They are the silent praying types.  

Listen.  You can hear them with your heart.

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