Fake News and Censorship

Fake News and Censorship

A Response to Randy Fine’s Allegations of Mother’s Day Abuse

Yesterday, on his public Facebook page, Representative Randy Fine posted a press release in which he asked Marcie Adkins, Republican Candidate for Florida House District 53, to (1) denounce anti-Semitic comments made online over the weekend by her and her supporters and (2) denounce and apologize for the harassment of his mother by her campaign consultant on Mother’s Day. 

Anti-Semitic Comments
With respect to any anti-Semitic comments the questions stand: What comments were made by whom, when and where over the weekend? No anti-Semitic comments were made by me or any of my supporters, to my knowledge. Allegations such as this should be made only with proof. 

Representative Fine provided no evidence to support any of his claims.

Harassment on Mother’s Day
With respect to Randy Fine’s claim of his mother being harassed by my campaign consultant, I see a different picture. 

Apparently, there is a publicly posted news article on the Space Coast Rocket dated February 2020 which discusses the FBI’s investigation into an alleged prostitution scandal that Mr. Fine and others were allegedly involved in. 

On Sunday, 5/10/2020, Mrs. Fine found that article and posted her own public comment, “Fake News” and attached her comment to the article. My campaign consultant responded and the two of them conducted what could be deemed as a public argument. Regardless, I do not characterize their argument as anything more than an argument and Mr. Burns did not name call, harass or insult Mrs. Fine.

To my knowledge, Mr. Burns has not contacted Mrs. Fine in any other form or fashion nor has he ever insulted her in any way, on Mother’s Day or any other day.

Like his anti-Semitic claims, Fine offered no evidence of his harassment claims and I see none.

Freedom of Speech
Behind all of this un-necessary drama lies the foundation of our nation’s rights to free speech and the incumbent’s violation of those rights. This is because Representative Fine is notorious for blocking his District 53 constituents and removing their posts. In fact, he did so in real time last night on his press release post about this matter. When constituents asked him for proof of his allegations or contradicted his allegations, he deleted them.

Mr. Fine is an elected official. As such, his actions are illegal and infringe on his constituents’ first amendment rights.

Given his long standing history of violating his constituents’ rights, many constituents have asked me my own policies for my campaign Facebook page. I have said that I would not block people except for spamming and that all would be allowed to speak.

Directly related to all of this is that last week, on Thursday, 5/7/2020, anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments as well as cursing occurred on my page. I denounced all of this and the anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments were removed. I later said that I should not have removed the posts, just denounced them, due to free speech.

All this has created quite a controversy with the incumbent crying foul. Hence, I have asked the First Amendment Foundation for their input and guidance as to how an elected official must conduct themselves. Their answers will guide my campaign going forward and how I will conduct myself now and when elected.

Honorably Moving Forward
I have emailed Mr. Fine and asked him that we work together to honorably move forward, for the good of South Brevard.

Specifically, I asked him to call me in the future any time he has any concerns with any anti-Semitism or anti-anything or any insults of his mother. None will be tolerated but, to my knowledge, none exist except for those aforementioned anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments on 5/7/2020 which were previously denounced and deleted within 2 hours of their posting. 

I view this entire matter as a miscommunication that could have been simply avoided by Mr. Fine picking up the phone and calling me. I would hope that, going forward, should Mr. Fine be faced with any fears or misinformation as appear to have grabbed him yesterday, that he will call me.

I am committed to running and winning this race with honor, integrity, and respect for others. I hope that this will describe the rest of this election cycle.


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