Conservative vs Con-artist

Conservative vs Con-artist

It is actually amazing to me that I even have to write this current blog as I would never in a million years believe that the incumbent would stoop so low to send out a postcard claiming I am a Socialist-Democrat.

Sad.  Pathetic.  Typical.  Disgusting.  Despicable.  All characteristics of the District 53 incumbent.

Regardless, I am a Republican and a strong Trump supporter.    There is not a socialist bone in my body much less an inkling in my mind.

At the Trump flag wave in Cocoa Beach. My opponent has never attended any local Trump promotions. I also attended the recent Trump Boat Parade.

My Ph.D. is in economics and, as such, I am an advocate of free markets, limited government, limited taxes, limited regulation, all concepts standard to a Chicago School economist.

Our gate at our small farm on Valkaria Road has boasted Trump flags, flags that I got my husband for Christmas last year, far before I even entered this election.  

Every sign that belongs to Marcie Adkins all over Brevard boldly posts REPUBLICAN, always in caps, at the top of the sign.  Can you say the same thing about any of the incumbent’s signs?  No.  You cannot.

In addition to my signs and our President’s, you will see several other signs from 4 more of our local strong REPUBLICANS that I support. If you go to my opponents house (that’s not even in his district) you will see his signs only.

I have attended several Trump flag waves in the past several months and will attend more.  I also attended the Trump Center grand opening on Merritt Island.  The incumbent never attended any of those events so you will never find any photos pictures or videos of him supporting Trump on his campaign.  That is because he never attended any events.

Now, there is a small smattering of truth in the incumbent’s claims:  I did register as a Republican when I first turned 18.  However, sometime during my college years at UF I was “liberalized” and switched to Democrat for a few years.   However, I switched back.  

In 1996, twenty-four years ago, I left Tallahassee to move back home to Brevard, to marry my husband and to create our family.  In 1999, I registered as a REPUBLICAN in Brevard County and  I have been a proud REPUBLICAN ever since.  (See Webelect print out.  Webelect is a Republican software program that tracks Republicans, when they registered and how they vote.  You can see my “batting average” is high, and can be relied on to vote 99 percent of the time in primaries and 99 percent of the time in general elections.)

My actual hand written voter registration from the 90s.

In contrast, you can see that the incumbent only been registered as a Brevard County Republican since July 2007 or for 13 years.  In addition, he is not nearly as reliable as a Republican voter, only voting in primaries 83% of the time and in general elections 96% of the time.

And if all of that is still not enough, here is an email from our Supervisor of Elections herself to my campaign manager just last week. She clearly states that I registered as a REPUBLICAN in 1999 and have been ever since.

Also dragged into this is my campaign manager, and his party affiliation. It is often claimed by my opponent and others that Robert Burns is a democrat. He is not. He is a proud United States Army honorably Retired registered Republican. Despite my opponent claiming he is neither. He is also 100% disabled from injuries sustained in combat.

As you can see, in this campaign, we provide evidence to support our claims and positions. Please apply the same standard to my opponent.

Finally here is an article today from Florida Daily showing almost every REPUBLICAN leader in Brevard County to include the Chair of the Brevard Republican Party denouncing my opponent.

I would very much appreciate you sharing this information with your friends.  This is a grass roots campaign and we need each other to spread the truth and to combat the lies.

Thank you very much!

15 Replies to “Conservative vs Con-artist

  • Don Stanley

    By Don Stanley


    You are a fresh breath of honesty in a political world if deceit and lies. You have my vote!

    • Marcie Adkins

      By Marcie Adkins


      Thank you very much. (We must tolerate nothing less. Complete transparency and honesty everywhere in government.)

      • Betty Herron

        By Betty Herron


        Congradulations Marcie excellent job and so proud you took the time to show who you truly are, thank you #Keepmakingamericagreat!

    • Marlene Chang

      By Marlene Chang


      I voted for Rino Randy Finn But not this election ! My vote is on You ! You stand for all the things that I look for in a candidate. I love how you hate commies as much as me , i was born in communist Cuba and raised in this great country . You have my vote as President Trump has my vote again ! #CubanForTrump2020 #Cuban4Marcie that will be my new hashtag for you when I share your stuff on Facebook . Good Luck i hope you win and stick to your promises.

  • Ward Elmore

    By Ward Elmore


    I saw you today at Palm Bay and Minton. I appreciate you and your campaign. You have my vote.

    • Marcie Adkins

      By Marcie Adkins


      Thanks very much!

  • Drew Elmen

    By Drew Elmen


    I recieved that awful slanderous lieing pamphlet from Not So Fine! Instead of believing it I wrote a Zmessage to Mrs. Adkins and showed her what was Done’
    I have a brain I looked at who it was paid for as I always do ! I asked Mrs. Adkins if it was her opponents DirtyKraft! And she wrote me a whole page much like you see in this Blog. Some things did not add up to me and I. Believe Mrs. Adkins honesty!
    I voted Early and I also took two Trump Signs and a Marcie Adkins sign placing it in my front lawn! Go Marcie kick his Sorry Ass!

    • Marcie Adkins

      By Marcie Adkins


      Thank you very much. I realize it takes time to go through all the information and I really appreciate you and others who are willing to do their due diligence. Not everyone is willing to do so!!! I have read so many comments of people throwing their hands up as it is “too much conflicting information”. They want to read a simple postcard or headline and make a decision. Nope. Can’t do that in this world. You really have to dig down and get evidence on everything.

      I appreciate you doing so.

  • Rob Johnson

    By Rob Johnson


    You seem like an honest person. Therefore I am bewildered that you would back a compulsive liar like Trump. Virtually every person who has worked for him from Tillerson to Bolton call him grossly incompetent and lazy.




    This was very well put together.

    • Marcie Adkins

      By Marcie Adkins


      Thank you.

  • Virginia Pugh

    By Virginia Pugh


    Marcie thank you for the information you posted on Facebook, I received one of those cards & I was really disappointed that you would go democratic. So I am back to vote for you.

  • Kim Richardson

    By Kim Richardson


    Dr. Adkins after doing the research between you vs. your opponent we are happy to say you will receive our votes tomorrow in the primary. We are Staunch Supporters of President Trump and the Republican Party. We feel confident that you will represent our District Very Well. We depend on you to Defend the 2nd Amendment as well as our Conservative Values. We wish you All the Success!

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