Gifts to Restore Our Nation

Gifts to Restore Our Nation

I have been asked by numerous people what I have been thinking since the primary loss of August 18 and feel like I should share my thoughts.

In sum: nothing has changed and the essential truths remain the same. 

After observing the incumbent directly to a fellow legislator in an open, televised House committee hearing,  God repeatedly brought 1 Samuel 17:45-47 to my mind.  Those key verses remain fixed and invariant. 

I was clearly told that this was a David versus Goliath fight, the Church versus the Casino, and this has not changed one bit.  If anything, the primary campaign served to further elucidate the incumbent’s character defects all the more. 

But I also know that my God never fails.  We know with certainty that Goliath will be defeated.  We know that I did not win the primary but since Goliath is still in office, the Church must continue its fight. 

Maybe Randy will be defeated in the General Election?  Maybe the Lord’s plan was for me just to expose him and reveal more of who he is?  Maybe the Church has seen enough of his character to know that they cannot vote for him?  I do not know; we will have to see. 

But another thing that has been clear to me is that God orchestrates everything for His reasons.  All we need to do is remain in prayer, follow His lead and we will see his perfect, pre-ordained results and marvel at His perfection.

One thing related to all of that is that our family has been involved in living history for approximately 10 years, all focused on our nation’s founding, pre-1840.  

I recognize that this long-standing personal love for the Founders and our Constitution is part of who I am and was instilled in me for “such a time as this”.   Reading early American history, studying the Constitution and reading the Founders was just something I have always done, part of my past-times and hobbies.

That bring me to what I also see is the next stage of my life:  I really think that the Church has to become much more involved in politics and we need to see it as one of our essential roles.  We have to follow all levels of government closely and encourage our members to take active roles.

Tying these things all together brings me to the books I will be giving to you (or have given to you). 

One book is on the 1st amendment and the court decisions that have resulted in the moral decay of our country.  The second book presents what the Founders said would make good government and references scripture as to what God says we must have in our leaders.  And a 3rd book is what the Founders said was essential and God-given about our 2nd amendment rights.

I have been gifting and will continue to gift these books to anyone in South Brevard who wants to help restore our nation’s Providential heritage.

I hear a clarion call that we must have a reawakening in our Church. 

I am convinced that the only way to save our country is to return to having God-fearing, faith-based public servants in all levels of government and basing their decisions on Truth and Word.  Are we encouraging our members to become involved in politics?  Does the Church vote?  Are we too much in our own bibles and not willing to take action?  What does the Holy Spirit instruct us?  What should we do?  Who should we talk to?  How should we vote?  

Lord, help us!  Guide us!  Help us repent and get involved.

As I said to the South Brevard Ministerial Association and to others, I do not think that I was called to just run against Randy.  I think I have been called to help the Church develop 500 members that the Lord has selected to fill seats in all levels of government. 

Yes.  We need to defeat Goliath and we will.  But we also have to raise up future leaders so we have no Goliaths in office anywhere.  

We need leaders who are called as the Lord has defined proper leaders (with integrity, fear of the Lord & no covetousness, Exodus 18:21).  The Goliaths who do not meet those requirements are simply unacceptable to the Lord and must be removed.

We do need to remember who Founded this nation, what they said, and how they based everything on God’s Word.  Remembering this, the Church will see its duty to fill governmental and judicial seats and to restore our nation to Godliness and devotion to the Lord.

So if these books speak to you, please get in touch with me.  I will be glad to give these to you as a gift.

Second, I continue to pray.  Those of you who were involved with my campaign in the beginning may remember “The Battle Cry” that I posted on my campaign Facebook when the incumbent began his war of libel. 

Given the fact that this battle and his persistent libel continues,  I have reposted it in the form of a blog on my website.  Praying scripture is “how we roll” and is how we fight.

Pray on!  The battle is not yet complete!

Conservative vs Con-artist

Conservative vs Con-artist

It is actually amazing to me that I even have to write this current blog as I would never in a million years believe that the incumbent would stoop so low to send out a postcard claiming I am a Socialist-Democrat.

Sad.  Pathetic.  Typical.  Disgusting.  Despicable.  All characteristics of the District 53 incumbent.

Regardless, I am a Republican and a strong Trump supporter.    There is not a socialist bone in my body much less an inkling in my mind.

At the Trump flag wave in Cocoa Beach. My opponent has never attended any local Trump promotions. I also attended the recent Trump Boat Parade.

My Ph.D. is in economics and, as such, I am an advocate of free markets, limited government, limited taxes, limited regulation, all concepts standard to a Chicago School economist.

Our gate at our small farm on Valkaria Road has boasted Trump flags, flags that I got my husband for Christmas last year, far before I even entered this election.  

Every sign that belongs to Marcie Adkins all over Brevard boldly posts REPUBLICAN, always in caps, at the top of the sign.  Can you say the same thing about any of the incumbent’s signs?  No.  You cannot.

In addition to my signs and our President’s, you will see several other signs from 4 more of our local strong REPUBLICANS that I support. If you go to my opponents house (that’s not even in his district) you will see his signs only.

I have attended several Trump flag waves in the past several months and will attend more.  I also attended the Trump Center grand opening on Merritt Island.  The incumbent never attended any of those events so you will never find any photos pictures or videos of him supporting Trump on his campaign.  That is because he never attended any events.

Now, there is a small smattering of truth in the incumbent’s claims:  I did register as a Republican when I first turned 18.  However, sometime during my college years at UF I was “liberalized” and switched to Democrat for a few years.   However, I switched back.  

In 1996, twenty-four years ago, I left Tallahassee to move back home to Brevard, to marry my husband and to create our family.  In 1999, I registered as a REPUBLICAN in Brevard County and  I have been a proud REPUBLICAN ever since.  (See Webelect print out.  Webelect is a Republican software program that tracks Republicans, when they registered and how they vote.  You can see my “batting average” is high, and can be relied on to vote 99 percent of the time in primaries and 99 percent of the time in general elections.)

My actual hand written voter registration from the 90s.

In contrast, you can see that the incumbent only been registered as a Brevard County Republican since July 2007 or for 13 years.  In addition, he is not nearly as reliable as a Republican voter, only voting in primaries 83% of the time and in general elections 96% of the time.

And if all of that is still not enough, here is an email from our Supervisor of Elections herself to my campaign manager just last week. She clearly states that I registered as a REPUBLICAN in 1999 and have been ever since.

Also dragged into this is my campaign manager, and his party affiliation. It is often claimed by my opponent and others that Robert Burns is a democrat. He is not. He is a proud United States Army honorably Retired registered Republican. Despite my opponent claiming he is neither. He is also 100% disabled from injuries sustained in combat.

As you can see, in this campaign, we provide evidence to support our claims and positions. Please apply the same standard to my opponent.

Finally here is an article today from Florida Daily showing almost every REPUBLICAN leader in Brevard County to include the Chair of the Brevard Republican Party denouncing my opponent.

I would very much appreciate you sharing this information with your friends.  This is a grass roots campaign and we need each other to spread the truth and to combat the lies.

Thank you very much!

Brevard County Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis Endorses Republican Marcie Adkins Over the Incumbent for Florida House District 53 Race

Brevard County Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis Endorses Republican Marcie Adkins Over the Incumbent for Florida House District 53 Race

“I heartily endorse Marcie Adkins as by far our best choice for the Florida Legislature.

Ms. Adkins was raised in Brevard and knows our community well.

She’s an intelligent even-tempered individual who will be a positive voice for Brevard and the State of Florida.

Marcie Adkins will be a State Representative we will all respect, as she will respect all citizens of our home.”

Scott Ellis

I am so honored and humbled to receive the endorsement and confidence of such an honorable republican leader in our community. Scott Ellis has committed his life to serving Brevard, and has done so with integrity and honor. He is an example of a true conservative who is fiscally responsible, and understands how every aspect of our local government works.

Marcie Adkins


My opponent has made a series of social media posts demanding Brevard’s local municipalities put on a traditional 4th of July celebration. He’s reminded everyone almost daily that he is offering to use $20,000 to pay for it. He has even taken the liberty to name the event after himself. 

Today is Flag Day the day which commemorates the adoption of the first flag of the United States on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. 

Various interpretations of our flag’s symbolism have been presented over the years, my favorite being that made by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  “The colors of our flag signify the qualities of the human spirit we Americans cherish. Red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice.”

The flag also evokes sentiments about everything that it means to be American:  federalism, integrity, respect for others, collaboration, unity and dignity.

Federalism or the distribution of power from the national government down to the states is a hallmark of our American system.  In Florida, we also have home rule whereby power is transferred from the state down to the local or municipal level for all local decision making.

Unfortunately, there is always a tension in this system with those at higher levels of government always wanting to grab the power and authority for decision-making, an effort I oppose.

Disrespect is one of the key attributes that I have seen in the incumbent’s character.  I have observed disrespect for others across the board in all his dealings but, in particular, the incumbent is repeatedly disrespectful when dealing with local government.  Why, we must ask ourselves, is it that he cannot respect the local governments’ decisions to not have the fireworks celebrations?  

Government’s #1 job is to provide safety. If the local governments have decided not to hold fireworks celebrations due to concerns over Covid19, their decisions should be respected.   Financial concerns are always key in local decision making and may well have played a role as well.

Local officials were elected to make these tough decisions.   I respect the decisions of our local leaders and am committed to putting an end to the trend of attacking them from the District 53 Representative’s office.

In addition, it seems to me that another of the incumbent’s main passions is his need for headlines and of gaining notoriety.  As such, I believe he is attacking local elected officials for his own personal gain, frankly, trying to turn this national holiday into a campaign event. 

See this for what it is.  See the truth.  And then let’s respect our local elected officials and their decision making on the 2020 fireworks celebrations.

Fake News and Censorship

Fake News and Censorship

A Response to Randy Fine’s Allegations of Mother’s Day Abuse

Yesterday, on his public Facebook page, Representative Randy Fine posted a press release in which he asked Marcie Adkins, Republican Candidate for Florida House District 53, to (1) denounce anti-Semitic comments made online over the weekend by her and her supporters and (2) denounce and apologize for the harassment of his mother by her campaign consultant on Mother’s Day. 

Anti-Semitic Comments
With respect to any anti-Semitic comments the questions stand: What comments were made by whom, when and where over the weekend? No anti-Semitic comments were made by me or any of my supporters, to my knowledge. Allegations such as this should be made only with proof. 

Representative Fine provided no evidence to support any of his claims.

Harassment on Mother’s Day
With respect to Randy Fine’s claim of his mother being harassed by my campaign consultant, I see a different picture. 

Apparently, there is a publicly posted news article on the Space Coast Rocket dated February 2020 which discusses the FBI’s investigation into an alleged prostitution scandal that Mr. Fine and others were allegedly involved in. 

On Sunday, 5/10/2020, Mrs. Fine found that article and posted her own public comment, “Fake News” and attached her comment to the article. My campaign consultant responded and the two of them conducted what could be deemed as a public argument. Regardless, I do not characterize their argument as anything more than an argument and Mr. Burns did not name call, harass or insult Mrs. Fine.

To my knowledge, Mr. Burns has not contacted Mrs. Fine in any other form or fashion nor has he ever insulted her in any way, on Mother’s Day or any other day.

Like his anti-Semitic claims, Fine offered no evidence of his harassment claims and I see none.

Freedom of Speech
Behind all of this un-necessary drama lies the foundation of our nation’s rights to free speech and the incumbent’s violation of those rights. This is because Representative Fine is notorious for blocking his District 53 constituents and removing their posts. In fact, he did so in real time last night on his press release post about this matter. When constituents asked him for proof of his allegations or contradicted his allegations, he deleted them.

Mr. Fine is an elected official. As such, his actions are illegal and infringe on his constituents’ first amendment rights.

Given his long standing history of violating his constituents’ rights, many constituents have asked me my own policies for my campaign Facebook page. I have said that I would not block people except for spamming and that all would be allowed to speak.

Directly related to all of this is that last week, on Thursday, 5/7/2020, anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments as well as cursing occurred on my page. I denounced all of this and the anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments were removed. I later said that I should not have removed the posts, just denounced them, due to free speech.

All this has created quite a controversy with the incumbent crying foul. Hence, I have asked the First Amendment Foundation for their input and guidance as to how an elected official must conduct themselves. Their answers will guide my campaign going forward and how I will conduct myself now and when elected.

Honorably Moving Forward
I have emailed Mr. Fine and asked him that we work together to honorably move forward, for the good of South Brevard.

Specifically, I asked him to call me in the future any time he has any concerns with any anti-Semitism or anti-anything or any insults of his mother. None will be tolerated but, to my knowledge, none exist except for those aforementioned anti-Semitic and anti-gay comments on 5/7/2020 which were previously denounced and deleted within 2 hours of their posting. 

I view this entire matter as a miscommunication that could have been simply avoided by Mr. Fine picking up the phone and calling me. I would hope that, going forward, should Mr. Fine be faced with any fears or misinformation as appear to have grabbed him yesterday, that he will call me.

I am committed to running and winning this race with honor, integrity, and respect for others. I hope that this will describe the rest of this election cycle.


Economics PhD – A Professional – An Advocate

Economics PhD – A Professional – An Advocate

Marcie Adkins has a deep love for Brevard County since she first moved here as a child, 53 years ago in 1967. She attended Ocean Breeze Elementary, Hoover Junior High, and graduated from Melbourne High school in 1977.

She is has been a long-time community leader and has served as an active member of Boy Scouts of America for 9 years, various homeschooling groups for 16 years, an Advisory Board member for UF IFAS Agricultural Extension for 10 years, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority alumnae, and the Board of Directors for the University Boxing Club.

Professionally, Marcie has worked as a professional economist and holds a PhD from the University of Florida. She has worked for businesses, local and state government and operated her own consulting firm for 27 years.

She is a second amendment advocate, a member of the National Rifle Association and a long-standing member of the Florida Frontiersmen gun club.

The main issue that prompted Marcie to run is that she could see that the incumbent lacked integrity, respect for others and a willingness to collaborate in the manner he handled CS/HS 7087 during the past legislative session. In addition, as a PhD economist, she believes she is well suited to help foster the state’s economic growth. Her love of nature prompts her to protect our natural resources which undergird our tourism industry. In particular, her key priority of working to restore the Indian River Lagoon to at least resemble the vibrant ecosystem of her youth is of paramount importance. Elder care and their protection is also a key issue for Marcie as her own mother has advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Marcie has lived with her husband, Theo, on their small farm in Valkaria for the past 24 years. They enjoy their border collie, Oreo, and their various farm animals, especially their loud rooster, “Bartholo-Roo”. They enjoy the beach, running, half-marathons, triathlons and yoga. Her son Jacob, is a second year student Computer Science and Applied Mathematics double major at New College of Florida in Sarasota.