Gifts to Restore Our Nation

Gifts to Restore Our Nation

I have been asked by numerous people what I have been thinking since the primary loss of August 18 and feel like I should share my thoughts.

In sum: nothing has changed and the essential truths remain the same. 

After observing the incumbent directly to a fellow legislator in an open, televised House committee hearing,  God repeatedly brought 1 Samuel 17:45-47 to my mind.  Those key verses remain fixed and invariant. 

I was clearly told that this was a David versus Goliath fight, the Church versus the Casino, and this has not changed one bit.  If anything, the primary campaign served to further elucidate the incumbent’s character defects all the more. 

But I also know that my God never fails.  We know with certainty that Goliath will be defeated.  We know that I did not win the primary but since Goliath is still in office, the Church must continue its fight. 

Maybe Randy will be defeated in the General Election?  Maybe the Lord’s plan was for me just to expose him and reveal more of who he is?  Maybe the Church has seen enough of his character to know that they cannot vote for him?  I do not know; we will have to see. 

But another thing that has been clear to me is that God orchestrates everything for His reasons.  All we need to do is remain in prayer, follow His lead and we will see his perfect, pre-ordained results and marvel at His perfection.

One thing related to all of that is that our family has been involved in living history for approximately 10 years, all focused on our nation’s founding, pre-1840.  

I recognize that this long-standing personal love for the Founders and our Constitution is part of who I am and was instilled in me for “such a time as this”.   Reading early American history, studying the Constitution and reading the Founders was just something I have always done, part of my past-times and hobbies.

That bring me to what I also see is the next stage of my life:  I really think that the Church has to become much more involved in politics and we need to see it as one of our essential roles.  We have to follow all levels of government closely and encourage our members to take active roles.

Tying these things all together brings me to the books I will be giving to you (or have given to you). 

One book is on the 1st amendment and the court decisions that have resulted in the moral decay of our country.  The second book presents what the Founders said would make good government and references scripture as to what God says we must have in our leaders.  And a 3rd book is what the Founders said was essential and God-given about our 2nd amendment rights.

I have been gifting and will continue to gift these books to anyone in South Brevard who wants to help restore our nation’s Providential heritage.

I hear a clarion call that we must have a reawakening in our Church. 

I am convinced that the only way to save our country is to return to having God-fearing, faith-based public servants in all levels of government and basing their decisions on Truth and Word.  Are we encouraging our members to become involved in politics?  Does the Church vote?  Are we too much in our own bibles and not willing to take action?  What does the Holy Spirit instruct us?  What should we do?  Who should we talk to?  How should we vote?  

Lord, help us!  Guide us!  Help us repent and get involved.

As I said to the South Brevard Ministerial Association and to others, I do not think that I was called to just run against Randy.  I think I have been called to help the Church develop 500 members that the Lord has selected to fill seats in all levels of government. 

Yes.  We need to defeat Goliath and we will.  But we also have to raise up future leaders so we have no Goliaths in office anywhere.  

We need leaders who are called as the Lord has defined proper leaders (with integrity, fear of the Lord & no covetousness, Exodus 18:21).  The Goliaths who do not meet those requirements are simply unacceptable to the Lord and must be removed.

We do need to remember who Founded this nation, what they said, and how they based everything on God’s Word.  Remembering this, the Church will see its duty to fill governmental and judicial seats and to restore our nation to Godliness and devotion to the Lord.

So if these books speak to you, please get in touch with me.  I will be glad to give these to you as a gift.

Second, I continue to pray.  Those of you who were involved with my campaign in the beginning may remember “The Battle Cry” that I posted on my campaign Facebook when the incumbent began his war of libel. 

Given the fact that this battle and his persistent libel continues,  I have reposted it in the form of a blog on my website.  Praying scripture is “how we roll” and is how we fight.

Pray on!  The battle is not yet complete!

The Battle Cry.

The Battle Cry.

The following scriptures were posted on my campaign Facebook page in early May 2020 when the incumbent first began his libelous campaign. I was astounded at the depth of depravity that he would go to at that point in time and it was merely his anti-Semitic accusations. Those of you who follow this page saw much more after that.

Nevertheless, post-primary 2020, the incumbent continues with his slander and libel. To me this is amazing and astounding even as, while I knew him to be of low moral character, I had no idea how low he could go or creative he could be with his lies.

Regardless, the response is the same: “The Battle Cry.” I offer this to you again as this IS the way that Chrisitans fight.

Join with me in believing these truths and acting upon them:

Write the Vision Down!!!

(Habakkuk 2:2)

You are coming against me and all of Brevard County with false testimony, fear and intimidation, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the Israelite armies, which you have defied.

This very day the Lord will put you in my power.  I will defeat you.  

Then the whole of Brevard County will know that we have a God and everyone here will see that the Lord has his own powerful, mighty, righteous ways to save his people.  He is victorious in battle.

(1 Samuel 17:45-47) 

The tone and attitude we must always have is humble, gentle, self-forgetful but firm, never perceived as cringy and wishy-washy.  (2 Cor 10:1). We also must always have end-less patience and never become irritated.  We are unoffendable.  (1 Tim 1:18)

We live in the world but do not wage war as the world does and our weapons are not the weapons of the world.  To the contrary, we are praying and working by the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and power.

We take on the 6 pieces of the armor of God (truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, God’s Word(, (Ephesians 6:10-20) but activate them with prayer.  

Prayer is the divinely authorized mechanism God has given us to tap into His Power and to ask for His directions and guidance.

The purpose of our fight and why we use our tools is NEVER for marketing or manipulation but for demolishing that entirely massively corrupt culture.  (2 Cor 10:4).

We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God.  

Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience to Him into maturity.

We demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God.

We break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God.

We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One.

We are armed with dynamic weaponry:  truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, God’s Word and prayer.

Specifically, we pray for clear, spiritual vision.  We ask that we are able to see the enemy’s activity and that we are fully aware of the spiritual resources he has given us to disarm and defeat him. 

Victory is available to us but it will only come as we pray for God’s help in the battle.  Prayer is crucial.

But we always point to God (not loudly, though, but quietly, humbly and gently) and give him the glory, knowing and noting that the purpose of this campaign and our whole lives is to glorify God. 

We take our orders from Him.  Just how we roll and how we believe the world should roll. 

This is who we are.