Conservative vs Con-artist

Conservative vs Con-artist

It is actually amazing to me that I even have to write this current blog as I would never in a million years believe that the incumbent would stoop so low to send out a postcard claiming I am a Socialist-Democrat.

Sad.  Pathetic.  Typical.  Disgusting.  Despicable.  All characteristics of the District 53 incumbent.

Regardless, I am a Republican and a strong Trump supporter.    There is not a socialist bone in my body much less an inkling in my mind.

At the Trump flag wave in Cocoa Beach. My opponent has never attended any local Trump promotions. I also attended the recent Trump Boat Parade.

My Ph.D. is in economics and, as such, I am an advocate of free markets, limited government, limited taxes, limited regulation, all concepts standard to a Chicago School economist.

Our gate at our small farm on Valkaria Road has boasted Trump flags, flags that I got my husband for Christmas last year, far before I even entered this election.  

Every sign that belongs to Marcie Adkins all over Brevard boldly posts REPUBLICAN, always in caps, at the top of the sign.  Can you say the same thing about any of the incumbent’s signs?  No.  You cannot.

In addition to my signs and our President’s, you will see several other signs from 4 more of our local strong REPUBLICANS that I support. If you go to my opponents house (that’s not even in his district) you will see his signs only.

I have attended several Trump flag waves in the past several months and will attend more.  I also attended the Trump Center grand opening on Merritt Island.  The incumbent never attended any of those events so you will never find any photos pictures or videos of him supporting Trump on his campaign.  That is because he never attended any events.

Now, there is a small smattering of truth in the incumbent’s claims:  I did register as a Republican when I first turned 18.  However, sometime during my college years at UF I was “liberalized” and switched to Democrat for a few years.   However, I switched back.  

In 1996, twenty-four years ago, I left Tallahassee to move back home to Brevard, to marry my husband and to create our family.  In 1999, I registered as a REPUBLICAN in Brevard County and  I have been a proud REPUBLICAN ever since.  (See Webelect print out.  Webelect is a Republican software program that tracks Republicans, when they registered and how they vote.  You can see my “batting average” is high, and can be relied on to vote 99 percent of the time in primaries and 99 percent of the time in general elections.)

My actual hand written voter registration from the 90s.

In contrast, you can see that the incumbent only been registered as a Brevard County Republican since July 2007 or for 13 years.  In addition, he is not nearly as reliable as a Republican voter, only voting in primaries 83% of the time and in general elections 96% of the time.

And if all of that is still not enough, here is an email from our Supervisor of Elections herself to my campaign manager just last week. She clearly states that I registered as a REPUBLICAN in 1999 and have been ever since.

Also dragged into this is my campaign manager, and his party affiliation. It is often claimed by my opponent and others that Robert Burns is a democrat. He is not. He is a proud United States Army honorably Retired registered Republican. Despite my opponent claiming he is neither. He is also 100% disabled from injuries sustained in combat.

As you can see, in this campaign, we provide evidence to support our claims and positions. Please apply the same standard to my opponent.

Finally here is an article today from Florida Daily showing almost every REPUBLICAN leader in Brevard County to include the Chair of the Brevard Republican Party denouncing my opponent.

I would very much appreciate you sharing this information with your friends.  This is a grass roots campaign and we need each other to spread the truth and to combat the lies.

Thank you very much!

The American way and personal responsibility

The American way and personal responsibility

All of us here in South Brevard have watched in amazement as pillaging, violence and looting has destroyed many liberal cities in the United States.  We have heard repeated calls for “defunding the police” and have furrowing our collective brows thinking, “Unbelievable!  Are they crazy!”

Then, just this week, we have heard the Minneapolis police have called for their citizens to “obey the criminals”.

Enough is enough.  Time for some real leadership here in South Brevard, a place where we understand truth, justice, the American way and personal responsibility.

When I say that it is time for some real leadership, I am not just speaking of the elected leaders.  You know how I stand:  I am a firm second amendment advocate who objects to the loss of gun rights which have fallen at the hands of liberal legislators (including, of course, the liberal incumbent who voted for Parkland and red flag laws) and who will work tirelessly to have our rights restored.

You know strong our law enforcement officers are. Sheriff Wayne Ivey is an awesome sheriff and he will never stand idly by and bow to criminals, nor will any of our other local police chiefs.

When I speak of the fact that it is time for leadership, I am speaking to YOU.  Now is the time when we ALL refuse to stand idly by and allow lawlessness and disorder because in South Brevard WE ALL take personal responsibility for our safety.

Here in South Brevard, we are a strong, vibrant, safe community that will never see lawlessness because we:

(1) Back the Blue,

(2) We train in the use of firearms and believe we are all personally responsible for our self-protection, and we

(3) Understand and seek to preserve the inalienable right of individual self-protection.

Towards those ends, I would very much encourage all of you to do the following:

  • Find and like the Brevard Facebook group “We Back our Blue!” and like it.
  • Mark your calendars and attend the upcoming “We Back our Blue!” event on Sunday, August 16 at the Liberty Bell Museum at 1 pm.
  • Commit to training and improving your marksmanship at least once per month.  (If you have not yet begun your own training, contact me and we can help point you in the right direction.  We have many wonderful local gun shops and trainers to meet every training need.)
  • Study our American history and the original spoken and written words of our Founders discussing what they frequently called the “first law of nature”, the right of self-protection, an inalienable right guaranteed to every citizen individually by our Constitution.  (If you do not yet have a library full of what the Founders said, again, see me!  I have purchased a case of one of my favorite books on the subject and will be glad to get you a copy.)

Brevard is a very special place.  I am thankful for what we have, who we are and how we will all work together to ensure our personal safety now and for all of our future generations.