• Politicians are to serve Not be served
    It's Simple Politicians are to serve Not be served
  • Politicians are to serve Not be served
    It's Simple Politicians are to serve Not be served

A little bit about Dr. Adkins

Better for Brevard

Marcie Adkins is a principled conservative Republican who will always fight to limit government and minimize taxes.

Marcie is a professional economist who holds a Ph.D. in economics, making her the ideal Representative for restoring our suppressed economy.

Marcie moved to Brevard County 53 years ago and has a deep love for Brevard.  Her memories of the Indian River Lagoon of her youth motivate her goals of restoring our precious waterways.

Why She’s Running

Pure and simple:  Our incumbent representative lied directly to Representative Delores Hogan Johnson’s direct question on Wednesday, 2/12/2020 in the Florida House Education committee meeting.

You see, on Monday, 2/10/2020, half-way through session, the incumbent filed CS/HB 7087, a bill that negatively affected 4 of 12 schools in our State University System.

When directly asked by Representative Hogan Johnson, “Were the four universities involved with talked to?”  Fine answered, “UF and Florida State are well versed on the plan,” and also said, “Anyone who paid attention to the work that we did on my committee over the last 5 months would have been able to see what was likely to come.”

However, it later came out that UF and FSU knew nothing, Florida Poly or New College knew nothing, and every member of the incumbent’s House subcommittee knew nothing! The issue had never been ever directly spoken of at any of his committee meeting or with any of the four schools!

Sadly, more lies surfaced later on this bill and many, many other topics and all continue to morph, enlarge and grow each day. (The subject of the bill is irrelevant but can be found in the blog on High Education/Lower Political Influence.)

Therefore, Marcie is running because when she fought against him on CS/HB 7087 she could finally see the incumbent’s true character.

She is also running because you deserve a Representative with integrity, respect for others and who is willing to collaborate.

Marcie Adkins is truly Better for Brevard.

If you would like to watch the video of our incumbent directly lying to Representative Hogan Johnson, click the following link.  The time stamp for this particular, direct lie is 2:06:50 to 2:07:55.

If you would like to see the Tallahassee Democrat article where FSU President John Thrasher said “I didn’t know about it until it was filed,” see the following link.


Highlighted Issues

These are Dr. Adkins’ thoughts on a few highlighted issues. Feel free to contact her with any questions you may have on these issues or others important to you.

Free Speech/Sunshine Laws

The 1st Amendment is part of what makes America great. We have the right to voice our opinions to our government without fear of reprisal. Unfortunately, my opponent does not respect this fundamental right, and frequently suppresses his constituents’ free speech and retaliates against those who speak against him. I will stand for your rights, not infringe on them.

2nd Amendment

I am a proud supporter of our right to bear arms. You deserve a Representative who will work to keep our gun rights as well as work to remove existing barriers to gun ownership.

Home Rule

Politics is local. Voters elect local officials and entrust them to make the decisions that effect them personally. I believe in enabling local officials to govern the areas the voters elected them to do. I also believe the voters will and should hold them accountable, not other politicians. 


We are facing extraordinary times in our economy from the results of Covid-19. Now more than ever, we need decision makers who can lead our state to recovery. As an economist with a PhD. from UF, I feel it is my responsibility and purpose to do just that. 


I believe higher education needs lower political influence. My opponent has used our schools as bargaining chips and for making headlines. Education and success in all aspects go hand-in-hand.

Education should be left to educators, and our purpose is to provide them the resources needed to do their jobs. He has caused direct harm to 4 of the 12 schools in our State University System. It’s not just the schools, but the students who are his victims.

Indian River Lagoon

Our lagoon is in trouble. Local officials have taken steps towards fixing decades of negligence in our infrastructure and bad policy. What’s needed from the state is funding to increase the locals’ ability to do their job without raising taxes. My opponent has been unsuccessful in securing any funding because of his abrasive relationships at the Capitol. He actually only managed last session to increase penalties (taxes) and brought home no income to fix the problem. It takes a collaborative effort to get big things done. I will work with my brothers and sisters in Tallahassee to ensure Brevard County gets the resources it needs to save our biggest resource, and base our decisions of data and science, not on special interests.


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Qualifying Date

Qualifying Date

Supervisor of Elections Office
08 Jun 2020 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
2020 Space Coast Republicans Hob Nob

2020 Space Coast Republicans Hob Nob

Melbourne Rialto
03 Jul 2020 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
North Brevard 2A Gun Rights Preservation Forum

North Brevard 2A Gun Rights Preservation Forum

pin American Police Hall of Fame - 6350 Horizon Dr. Titusville
17 Aug 2020 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Republican Primary Election

Republican Primary Election

Brevard County, FL
18 Aug 2020 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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